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December 28, 2012
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-- Vorpal Sonata: King of Hearts Kury -- by Kurama-chan -- Vorpal Sonata: King of Hearts Kury -- by Kurama-chan
Name: Harune, Kury
Kingdom: Hearts Kingdom, King of Hearts
Key: His own eletronic cat ears and tail
Age: ---------
Gender: Male
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: -------

♥ Sweet: He will always be polite and act in a cute way with you, unless you are Thello
♥ Romantic: He has a love ideal and will do almost everything for it (crossdressing may requiere a bit of work to convince him to do it)
♥ Naive: He will also believe almost everything you say is true
♥ Friendly and cheerful: Like talking to people in general and very hardly will hold a grudge against others. He doesn't like seeing people sad and sometimes he may do bizarre things if he believes this will make the situation better

Playing violin / games
Eating salmon


He is a very advanced kemonomimi robot programmed to sing and play instruments. His design was requested by Yuu, since she was “born” before him and wanted a companion as well as a girlfriend. Imagine how was her surprise when she found out Kury is actually a boy. After the initial surprise, they started getting a deeper relationship and really became lovers.
After some years of happiness living with her new family, her father was taken away and they went on a journey to recover him, which never succeeded. After some years wandering around a place that was so near its own destruction, they were invited to join an intergalactic school who taught singing.

He had lots of fun there, meeting other people, friends, learning a better way to deal with others, inclusing her girlfriend who, soon enough, became her wife.
Years went by and even though he was having lots of fun with others and making trustful friends, every now and then it hit him: everybody else was growing, getting older, while he remained the same. Soon they would leave him alone, since he couldn't grow up too. Sure, hir beloved one was the same, but even so, he felt horribly bad about all the close friends he would lose to mortality sooner or later.

When graduating ceremony came it only made him even more worried. All the students went away and even the teachers who had somewhere to go back to did the same. He didn't want to lose friendship due to distance and time.
And while he was busy trying to put some order in the almost completely empty academy, a sudden dizziness invaded him, forcing him to sit on the principal's chair. He didn't understand why he was feeling that, since he was a robot. Then he saw a photo of all his friends trying to poke his cat ears and tails, and he felt like crying. He wouldn't be able to handle losing people dear to him, be it to death or just going away, being left behing by his beloved ones was just unbearable. He closed his eyes and covered the mechanical ears, the proof that he would be a robot forever...or probably not. When he opened his eyes again, he wasn't in the academy anymore. It was a totally different place. Like a forest.

He could feel the breeze on his cheeks with more intensity, as well as the branches touching his arms in a way that almost hurted, when he forced himself to move on between the trees. Maybe the program that controlled his human senses was activated in a higher sensitivity, that's what he though. Being guided by strange talking flowers, he finally found a place similar to a castle. But it was completely different from the academy he once lived. Maybe he could ask for help there. There were card-people screamming "THE KING IS HERE, THE KING IS HERE" while running around in a complete state of panic. Not understanding a single thing, he let himself be overwhelmed by their explanation of him being the King of Hearts. And also, that the Queen was waiting for him.

Also, as a bonus surprise, while going upstairs, tripping, he found out that something was really different with his body. Intense feelings of pain. And fatigue. And hunger. And everything else a human being would normally feel. He wasn't just running out of battery, or anything like that. He was not a robot anymore.

Extra info:
♥ He has an enormous passion for salmon
♥ His mechanical cat ears and tails were kept in wonderland as a memento, to remind him of what he was once. And they were the only parts in his body that weren't humanized.
♥ One of his biggest dreams is to someday become a manly man
♥ Hates to crossdress, but can be convinced if this is done carefully and without being forced to
♥ He still wears his old outfit sometimes, since he loves it
♥ Loves to have Yuu with him

Ask Kury: [link]
Old outfit (this is still his official design):
King Outfit design by *Yukiko-Kun

Queen of Hearts:

Harune Kury (c) :iconkurama-chan::iconyukiko-kun:
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