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Kurama-chan has started a donation pool!
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Check the prices in this journal:…

By the way:

I have my reasons, and I can explain if it's wished. Please respect that.

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-- Commissions: 4 slots open --

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 7, 2014, 12:30 PM

My Y-Gallery account|My fic account|My Gaia Profile|My Pixiv|My Tumblr | My Anipan|

11.05.2013 I added a "Terms of Service" part in the journal, since the interest of commissions with commercial use is growing a bit. This was made to make things clearer and easier as possible! Basically nothing changed, I just added more information ^^

24.06.2013 :iconballoonprincess: also left a comment praising me, thank you so much!
You can check it here:…

26.08.2013 Valauiel left me a very nice comments about my work and my commissions! I didn't expect that, haha! I'm really moved and glad about it, thanks a lot! -…

I wasn't able to edit the last commission journal properly (might be a bug, as always) so I had to create a new journal! I'm sorry for the trouble.

I'm also open for interesting projects of any kind, like character design for games, illustration for books, and others. Tell me your offer by note.

If I'm busy or my slots are full, please consider commissioning :iconyukiko-kun:. She is a completely reliable person, and she really needs to do commissions. Check her gallery, you won't regret it, and I believe she deserves more love.


Simple Face shot - $15 (+$6 additional character /  +4$ abstract background)
-- Hime -- by Kurama-chan-- HM ToT : Luke -- by Kurama-chan-- Comission: Rita Mordio -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for CelestialMemories -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for CelestialMemories 3 -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission for Heyitsrich: Zorua boy -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for MystiqueLeger -- by Kurama-chan
Complex outfits or coloring may rise the price

Simple Waist size - $20 (+15 additional character / +4$ abstract background)
-- Commission for Valauiel -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission: Emirasu Aelcrest 1 of 2 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for xxxAshexxx -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for D3m0n10v3 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission: Atoli 1 of 2 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for WysteriaGold : Photographer -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Shuichiboy: Farmer Cat Boy -- by Kurama-chan-- Yaoi commission for StupidUsagiSan -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Maudado : Cat boy -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission: Talia Vaillencor 2 -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission for Shuichiboy: Razor -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission for LadyoftheSeireitei -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission for Shuichiboy:  Natalya Bond -- by Kurama-chan-- Bakemonogatari : Hitagi Senjougahara-- by Kurama-chan-- HP Com: Draco x Hermione -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for sebascontre -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Senyou -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Raptors0verlord 08 -- by Kurama-chan
Complex outfits or coloring may rise the price

Simple Full body - $28 (+20 additional character / +6$ abstract background)
-- Comission for Farthingale -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission : Cutie Honey 1 of 2 -- by Kurama-chan- Commission for Lily-Carroll : Anime Do Mascots - by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Soulia -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission: Talia Vaillencor -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for TheNameUGiveMe -- by Kurama-chan- Zelda Twilight Princess : Sumo Wrestling Link - by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Kaosfox : Fox girl -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for whatssanity : Genis Sage -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission : Hasuta from Nyakuro-san -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Miss-MapIe 2 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for task-master 07 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for task-master 09 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Leonitus : Hifu -- by Kurama-chan
Complex outfits and additional items rise the price

For complex backgrounds and including objects (like swords, staff), the price is discuted by note, according to the number of details

:new::new: High resolution commissions

If you want a commission with a very high resolution (above 1500 pixels to 3000 pixels), you'll have to pay the total value of the commission + 50% (half of the total value).
If you don't note me about that specific condition, I'll consider it a normal commission.
If you want a drawing with a higher resolution than 3000 pixels, we'll have to discuss the details by note.


Simple standing human chibi - $10 each one (+3$ abstract background)
-- Chibi Comission for Soulia -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for DarkSaph -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for MYSTERYxGIRL -- by Kurama-chan-- Date a Live Commission : Chibi Yoshino -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for DarkSaph 2 -- by Kurama-chan
Too detailed outfits may rise the price

Chibis with dynamic or different poses - $15 (+$10 additional character / +$3 abstract background)
-- Comission for Remorsery -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for whatssanity : Harle -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Commission for miikarin -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi friends commission for VanilleCream -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Commission for Kiri-the-moon -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for Cissnei -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi couple commission for witch13888 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for task-master 03 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi couple Commission for Darkehlicious 01 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi couple Commission for Darkehlicious 02 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Commission for Moonflowfairy -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for task-master 10 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Commission for aurenbunni -- by Kurama-chan

Too detailed outfits may rise the price

Animals and furry - $15 (+$10 additional character / +$3 abstract background)
-- Chibi Red Fox comission -- by Kurama-chan

(interaction with objects +3-10$  - depends the complexity)
-- Happy Birthday Meiko -- by Kurama-chan-- Gumi: Poker Face chibi -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for ManaChuu -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi commission for StupidUsagiSan -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Link and Big Rupee -- by Kurama-chan

Special commissions
The ones that are more complex, require more time and don't have a determined price, that is determined with the commissioner.
Examples: -- Fairy Commission -- by Kurama-chan-- Fairy Commission 2 -- by Kurama-chan-- Fairy Commission 3 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for MystiqueLeger -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission: Lilymon -- by Kurama-chan - Lollipop and candy commission for MystiqueLeger- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for MystiqueLeger 02 -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Damaged927 -- by Kurama-chan- Com. for Soul-Dealer : Paladin x Black Dragon - by Kurama-chan--Commission for BalloonPrincess -- by Kurama-chan-- Special commission : Lucent and Aislyn -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for Azuredarkspyro : Chibi Spyro -- by Kurama-chan-- Sailor Moon Tattoo Commission -- by Kurama-chan

Dakimakura commissions
-- Dakimakura Commission : Shiro -- by Kurama-chan-- Dakimakura Commission : Kid -- by Kurama-chan
Since I have to draw the dakimakuras in very high resolutions and pay attention to many details, I usually ask for an expensive price.

100dpi: 1969 x 5906 pixels size. USD$120 for both sides
150dpi: 2953 x 8858 pixels size. USD$ 150 for both sides.
A single sided would be half of the price of these ones.

Please remember that I just do the drawing, I don't have the material necessary to do the pillows. 

Comics pages

Sketch: $20
Inked with screentones: $40

Normal single page
Sketch: $40
Inked: $60
Inked with screentones: $100

Backgrounds and scenarios

Simple scenarios: $60
 -- Background commission for Bitterherbs 04 -- by Kurama-chan-- Background commission for Bitterherbs 02 -- by Kurama-chan

Complex scenarios: $200
-- Special background commission -- by Kurama-chan-- Background practice - Floating island -- by Kurama-chan


-- Chibi sketch Commission for MystiqueLeger -- by Kurama-chan-- Sketch commission for MystiqueLeger -- by Kurama-chan
Half of the price of any commission type you choose

Character design 

Here are some samples of characters that I created the design:
-- Chibi warrior commission for GuardianBR -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi archer commission for GuardianBR -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi magician commission for Guardian BR -- by Kurama-chan-- Fairy Commission 7 - Warrior type 1 -- by Kurama-chan-- Chibi Commission for OdinForce -- by Kurama-chan-- Commission for MystiqueLeger -- by Kurama-chan -- Custom adoptable commission for WysteriaGold -- by Kurama-chan
(And all my fairy series, actually.)

Character designs require more work and have different price sets. They can be also considered special commissions. It'll depend on the details and what you wish.
If you don't provide me any photo reference of your original character (it must be a real photo of your character previous drawn by another person, not just a person that looks like your character), just word descriptions, then this is the best option for you.


-- Collab: Link Skyloft Jump -- by Kurama-chan

I can also color your artline. The prices are the same of the list above, with the exception I'll just color your art, instead of making an entirely new one.
Just please note that probably my color style won't fit well with every kind of artline, and it'll not be my responsability if you don't enjoy it.
But I'll love to color it anyway :heart:


I can do keychains of any chibi drawing that was already posted in my gallery.
Here is a folder for them:…

-- Special commission: Chibi Maid keychains -- by Kurama-chan

Here is a sample of how they look in the end:…
The price - $5 each one + shipping

- Using PayPal; or
- Deposit in my Santander account (best for brazilians)

About points 
I accept points commissions, but it will be necessary to fulfill this single requirement:
- You wait for me to do a commission widget for you, then you pay me using the Commission Widget, and in this widget, where USD$1 = 100 points.

- I actually accept to draw anything that I believe I'm qualified to. Hetero, yaoi, yuri, pervy things, cute things. I'll rarely decline something, so be free to ask!
- I don't show the finished drawing before being paid. I won't show a sketch preview if at least half of the payment is done.  
- The commissions are just for personal use. No commercial use allowed before fully explaining the situation to me. Prices will change if you plan to make commercial use of any of my drawings and a different contract is necessary.
- I don't correct poses, face or hairstyle in the finished version of the drawing, I can just correct colors or add details that were missed. For detailed and complex corrections, a new charge will be asked. I suggest you to ask for a sketch version and make all the necessary corrections there, to prevent unwished results later.
- I start the commissions in the order they are paid. You can receive your drawings in few days if you are the first of the list. But if you aren't, you'll have to wait a bit more. If for some reason your commission is urgent, you can tell me.
- Please provide me visual references when you can. I really get lost with just words references, and I can understand something completely different from what you want.
- You can tell me if you want the character in a specific pose. If you don't mention it, I'll understand I'm free to create the pose. Either you choose, I'm fine with both of them.
- If the status of your work in the slots is "done" and I still didn't post it, you can ask me to show to you before posting (I avoid posting more than one drawing per day).

- I (the artist) reserve the right to add any commission done in my portfolio, as well as others accounts I have outside of DA, including Tumblr, Facebook, Pixiv and Anipan.
- If you want your commission to be private, just chat with me. This can be negotiable, I'm very flexible.
-  I reserve the full rights to the image and its use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon (rights to the image for your own non-personal use may be additionally purchased).
- You may use the piece for any personal use that you please, like icons, signatures, layout, wallpaper, personal site display, avatars. The decision to credit me is yours, which would make me happy. You may not claim the work as yours or redistribute it. You may not use it for any external projects without approval (commercial or non-commercial). If you are looking for something to redistribute, use for your game, represent your comic, use as an ad banner, sell or show at conventions, please make it clear before the payment agreement.
- Commercial commissions follow a different and unique contract from this one, which will be stabilished with the buyer in private.
- All commissions are non refundable.

DONE COMMISSIONS LIST (from September 2014 to now)

-- Chibi Couple Commission for MiuSann -- by Kurama-chan

You can check all the previous commissions I already did here -…

SLOTS (they open again as soon as I finish the current ones)

1- Tassaron 3 commissions (payment confirmed)

Special projects:

- Legend of Mana drawing
- Shun drawing (done)
- Rosa drawing (done)
-Chrono Cross drawing

Slots in hold status:
pinaworks coloring commission (payment confirmed) (waiting for lineart to color)

 deadpoolthesecond 2 characters fighting (payment confirmed) (waiting for colored reference to color)


About the time: Mostly orders are either from Brazil or United States. After selling some, I started to notice how much time they take to get in your home. In Brazil they take from 2 to 3 days to arrive. To USA, they take approximately 12 days.


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